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We are so happy that you are a part of a Flourish journey! We admire you for being a Jesus follower, a wisdom seeker, and for your desire and commitment to grow. By saying “yes” to Flourish, you are also saying “yes” to a daily pursuit that will lead to new eyes to see every area of your life through the lenses of Scripture, with the help and care of other women alongside you in the journey of life. We celebrate this decision and are here to walk this adventure with you!

The truth is, it requires a lot of intentionality, devotion and courage to exchange the standards of this world for the standards God calls us to have. All throughout Scripture, Jesus invites us to something so much bigger and better than what the world offers, and the best part of it is that He promises to help us if we say “yes” and if we are faithful, one step at the time

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